Nice to meet you.

Who am I? I’m an educator with 20+ years of experience in curriculum, policy, and teacher preparation (details). At the University of Michigan (and formerly, Eastern Michigan University), I’ve taught graduate- and undergraduate courses on education reform, social justice, multicultural education, and sustainability- and ecological economics education.

In 2002 I founded a Creative Change, a non-profit educational consulting firm focused on sustainability and social justice. With clients ranging from K12 districts to universities to the United Nations, our programs have reached global audiences.

Let’s change the story

The future is a story yet to be written, and we’re facing some pretty daunting plots: climate change, hate, inequality . . . the list goes on. My work challenges the narrative that “things can’t change” so we can co-create a new tale of hope and opportunity. This takes unifying people to unearth common values, cut through divisive labels, and re-examine the false beliefs that hold us back from reaching shared goals.

Together, we can shift the plot towards healthy communities and equal opportunity. This is my passion. Let’s put it to work. Learn about my services, download this one-page overview, or get the details in my CV.

Writing is one of the primary ways I carry out my goals. My academic publications include Reframing the Curriculum: Design for Social Justice and Sustainability (Routledge, 2018), as well as scholarly book chapters and articles. To date my works for children have focused on nonfiction educational materials. (A middle grade novel, several picture books and more are still under wraps.)

Whether in teaching in academia or writing a funny story for kids, my goal is to bring more joy and learning (itself a joy) to youth and the people that nurture —teachers, families, and other caregivers.

I received an undergraduate degree in music education from Western Illinois University, picked up endorsements in social studies and Teaching English as a Second Language, and earned a Master’s degree in International and Intercultural Management from the SIT Graduate Institute (the best school you’ve never heard of).

In my free time I enjoying painting, creating illustrations for my children’s stories, all things silly, and anything active (the gym, flag football, a bike ride, swimming . . . you game?). A small mammal aficionado, I’m a proud mom of two pampered rescue rabbits.